Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Present:          Kathy Mack, Kim Smith, Lindsay Johnson, Karen Bryan, Ted Kennedy, Tessy Broeren, Darlene Simms, Alan Lummis, Kathy Beckstead, Gregg Robertson, Maggie Pelletier, Lynda Ferguson, Anita Heggison, David Agar

1.                  Welcome

- Kim started the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

2.                  Acceptance of Agenda

Motion to accept agenda:          Maggie Pelletier
Seconded:                                   Lynda Ferguson                       

3.                  Minutes from School Council Meeting December 9, 2003

Motion to accept minutes:         Maggie Pelletier
Second:                                       Darlene Simms

4.                  Business arising from Minutes December 9, 2003


5.                  EQAO – Grade 9 2002-2003 results

Karen Bryan, head of the math department at NDDHS, reported on the 2002-2003 results of the math tests set out by the Education Quality Accountability Office for grade 9 students.  Karen said that these tests represent “a snapshot” of what kids do in 2-3 days. The results of this test provide our school staff, the Board, and Ministry of Education with indicators as to what can be done to improve student performance, curriculum, and program delivery.

The results for our school showed a remarkable overall increase in performance for the Applied stream students over the results from the year before. Students with poor results in the area of “communication” in math can be indicative of potential problems for their future writing of the Grade 10 Literacy test in the following year, and those students at risk can be identified earlier through this test. 

While the Board is actively working out problems with math curriculum, our school has several strategies in place to help students improve their math skills: increasing parent involvement, providing a “math help” room where students can receive extra math help at lunch time, improving courses and creating new ones (especially for Essentials students), purchasing new supplies, manipulatives, and workbooks, and providing professional development and special training for teachers.  Ted commented later in the evening that Karen does a great job, especially since she is involved in curriculum development, and the school as a whole benefits from her expertise.

6.                  Reports

-Treasurer’s Report – Anita Heggison reported that the current balance stood at

$2565.78, an eleven cent increase from interest over last month’s balance. 

-Trustee’s Report – Greg Pietersma forwarded no report.

-Principal’s Report – Ted Kennedy gave the following information in his report:

1) We celebrate the success of the annual Christmas concert – “It was a treat”.

2) Teacher Terry Green retires after 30 years at the end of this semester.

3) In spite of the cold weather forecast for tomorrow, the Board has issued an advisory indicating that buses will run as usual, and students should be dressed appropriately in case they have to wait at their stop longer than usual.

4) The new Director, Mr. David Thomas, was planning meetings to speak to the Board and on Feb. 2 was meeting at the Eastern Region Office for roundtable discussion of school concerns.

5) Exam preparation is underway, with exams scheduled for Friday, Jan. 23 and Tues., Jan 27.  If there are snow days, the entire schedule is moved by one day.

6) Feb. 2 is the first day of semester 2 as well as the day for presentation by the Sled Smart Team.

7) The ski trip has been rescheduled for semester 2, but the date is not confirmed yet.

8) Initial results from the Literacy test indicating students who were not successful in passing the test will be available online between Jan 19-30, and any necessary timetable adjustments will be made once this information is known.

9) The lunchtime detention issue was discussed again with the school staff, but there was not enough support for instigating an after school detention program at this time.  Detentions will continue to be served at lunch time, and incidents will be dealt with on an individual basis.

10) Reports cards go home the week of February 9th, probably on the 12th or 13th.

-Staff Rep Report - Shelly Corlyon was absent, so Sally Dewey provided the following information: 

1)      Visits to the grade 8 classes in the feeder schools would be happening in the next 2 weeks.  A slide show was created for this purpose and would eventually be available on the school website.  The issue of student harassment and bullying would also be addressed for these future grade 9 students.

2)      Course selection for 2004-2005 is approaching, with visits to classes happening Feb. 9-13, and calendars and course selection sheets being handed out at that time.  The calendar would also be posted on the school website:  Students were advised to choose their courses wisely.

3)      The school has a “Save A Credit” program, whereby students receiving a grade just under 50% may have a chance to meet course expectations by doing extra work or an independent project in the area where their skills were weak and upon completion of that work, will then receive a passing grade for that course.  Students must first be recommended for this program by their teacher.

4)      The 22 grade 8 students who shadowed their peer helpers for a day during the grade 8 leadership program found the overall experience very positive.

5)      Scholarship and bursary applications are available from the Guidance Office, university applications are due Jan. 14, and college applications are due Feb. 2.

6)      On Mon. Jan. 26, there will be a presentation by 6 different agencies to help those students in the Life Skills Program to cope with life after high school graduation.

7)      The Professional Learning Program for teachers has been eliminated.

8)      The staff room has improved security as it was felt students had too much free access to this space.

 - Student Council’s Report – Lindsay Johnston reported the following: 

 1) Past events including the eggnog chugging contest, the Christmas ball hunt, and the Christmas concert turned out very well.

2) Movie night was held last Friday, with a lower student turnout.

3) Student Council will start a mentoring program to help those on Council next year more fully understand what their duties entail.

4) This Friday is PJ Day.

5) “Eye Flirts”, a fun matchmaking service, is a fundraiser planned by Students Council in time for Valentine’s Day.

6) Feb. 13th is the date for the next school dance.

7) “Student Idol” contest will be held sometime in February.

7.                  Correspondence

Kim received a copy of the newsletter “People For Education”, and another one called “Success By 6” which addresses issues for the first 6 years of a child’s school life.

8.                   Upcoming Events 

            Volunteer Fair – The date for this event is April 22, 2004.  Organizations throughout the community (the hospital auxiliaries, the arenas, and the Sierra Club to name just a few examples) are invited to set up booths and solicit student volunteers to sign up to help with their respective projects.  This facilitates the earning of the mandatory 40 hours of community service work that every student must have in order to graduate from high school.  Two guest speakers will be invited to speak to students for 15-20 minutes about the benefits of volunteering.  Grade 9 students are strongly encouraged to sign up to earn their hours early in their high school term.

            The Sock Hop will be held Sat. May 1, 2004, with the band “The Edsels” already booked for this event.  Students Council has agreed to run the refreshment stand, but other than Student Council members, this will be an “adults only” event.  The cost will probably be $5.00/person or $10.00/couple with a donation of food for the Food Bank.  Costumes are encouraged (poodle skirts, bobby socks, slicked back hair, etc.) and local costume providing businesses will be approached to offer deals for those prospective clients attending this event.  Decorations, advertising, a smoking area, the need for policing, and prizes for spot dances are all details to be worked out by those planning the dance.

9.                  Other Items

Kim’s Surprise – The Volunteer Grant from Kim’s employer, Clarica, has been approved.  The school will receive $750.00 as a result.  Two suggestions for spending this money included the purchase of more microwave ovens in the cafeteria for student use and the purchase of new chairs for the gym.  Ted will be asked to talk about both of these suggestions at the next meeting.

-     Date for next school council meeting: Tuesday, Feb. 10, 7 p.m.

10.              Adjournment –  8:50 p.m.

Motion to adjourn:        Maggie Pelletier           

Second:                        Tessy Broeren


Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember


January 12-15        grade 9 EQAO math exams during math period

January 14             deadline for university applications

January 16             PJ day

January 19-30        results from the grade 10 Literacy test known

January 23             Period 1 and 2 exams

January 26             Study Day or Snow Day

                                Life Skills Program presentation

January 27             Period 3 and 4 exams

January 28             Study day or Snow Day

January 29             Exam day (if needed)

January 30             P.D. Day

February                Ski trip rescheduled for sometime this month

February 2             first day of Semester II

                                Deadline for all college applications

                                 “Sled Smart Team” demonstration on safe and courteous snowmobiling

February 9-13        Course selection calendars and sheets to be distributed

Semester 1 report cards go home (probably Feb. 12 or 13)

February 10           School Council meeting 7 p.m.

February 13           Student Council dance (evening)

February 19           Course selection sheets due back

April 22                  Volunteer Fair (9-11:30 a.m.)

May 1                     Spring Sock Hop fundraiser

June 4                     Prom Night at Capone’s Restaurant (Industrial Ave.)