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SCHOOL YEAR 2008 - 2009 - Semester 1

SPH4U - Physics

EMS3O - English Media

EWC4U - Writer's Craft

ENG4C - English

MHF4U - Mathematics - Advanced Functions

CGR4M - Environmental Geography

GWL3O - Designing your Future


SCHOOL YEAR 2008 - 2009 - Semester 2

EMS3O - English Media

EWC4U - Writer's Craft

MCT4C - Mathematics for College Technology

MCV4U - Mathematics - Calculus and Vectors

CGR4M - Environmental Geography

GWL3O - Designing your Future

HSB4M - Challenge and Change in Society


UCDSB On-Line Learning Program - An Overview:

The Online Learning Program enables our students to access a variety of courses and resources that might not otherwise be available in their schools. The program also creates an opportunity for our students to acquire a new set of 21st Century learning skills.

Online courses have been offered by the UCDSB with a consistently high degree of student success since September of 2003. Here are some highlights of the program:

The courses are offered asynchronously so students and teachers are not required to be online at the same time

All UCDSB courses are taught by qualified Upper Canada District School Board teachers

All courses meet the curriculum requirements of the Ministry of Education

The courses are offered in a semester format similar to in-school courses

It is recommended that a student complete one (1) online course per semester

Should an exception be necessary for a particular student, arrangements must be made through Superintendent McVie's office

If an exception is granted for a part-time student to enroll in any UCDSB Online course, the eSIS set-up and tracking for this student is different. The eSIS team will need to be contacted to assist with the set-up in this scenario

Our students can also take online courses with member Boards in the Ontario Consortium for eLearning and with the York Region District School Board's Virtual Schooling program, if the required course is not available in their school or from the UCDSB Online Program.

For more information on all the above online options, please consult with your school’s Guidance Counsellor.

Advantages of On-Line Learning:

• Increased flexibility in delivery of course content
• increased student confidence in class participation
• Direct access to the course teacher
• Accommodation of a wide range of student learning styles
• Extended time for considered responses
• Reinforced sense of equality within course structure
• Continual access to learning materials and archived discussions, guided tutorials
• Opportunity for increased class participation through student centred teaching strategies. (threaded discussions, group assignments, virtual classrooms, shared white board, multi-media resources)
• Provides an alternative delivery mode for students with mobility issues

Considerations for Achieving On-Line Student Success

• Willingness to share and learn in an on-line environment
• Able to express yourself clearly through text (email, threaded discussions)
• Commitment to log on and participate
• Realize online courses require as much time as in-school course
• Comfortable with sending email, attachments, save and organize documents
• Familiar with the internet, use of search engines, word processing software
• Able to set short and long term goals
• Take responsibility for self directed learning

Considerations for Parents/Guardians of On-Line Students:

• Take the opportunity to review course outline, expectations and time lines
• Help establish a good work/study area at home
• Help set up a regular work/study schedule
• Discuss the course progress together

  • Updated May 2008