Dimensional Analysis (Factor-Label Method)
Practice Problems Level 3    Answers
Use dimensional analysis in solving each of the following problems.
1.   Convert 32.5 oz to its equivalent in cg.

2.   Convert 3.55 yd to its equivalent in cm.

3.   Convert 143.55 mL to its equivalent in pints.

4.   Convert a speed of 35.8 mi/hr to its equivalent in m/s.

5.   Convert a density of 13.6 g/mL to its equivalent in lb/ft3.

6.   A mole of hydrogen atoms contains 6.02 X 1023 atoms and occupies 22.4 L.  How many hydrogen atoms are contained in 25.00 mL of this gas?

7.   What volume of hydrogen would contain 4.5 X 1018 hydrogen atoms?  How many moles of hydrogen would this be?

8.   A molecule of hydrogen moves at a speed of 115 cm/s.  How long will it take to travel the length of a football field (100 yd long)?

9.   The speed of light is 3.0 X 1010 cm/s.  Express this in mi/hr.

10.  A sample of sea water contains 0.075 g of sodium chloride per mL of solution.  How many moles of sodium chloride are there per L of this solution?  A mole of sodium chloride is equivalent to 58.5 g of sodium chloride.

11.  A doctor orders that a patient recieve 1.5 X 10-3 mole of sodium chloride.  The only solution available contains 1.00 g per 100 mL of solution.  A mole of sodium chloride is equivalent to 58.5 g of sodium chloride.  How much of this solution should the nurse give the patient?

12. A sample of air contains 2.33 X 10-4 mg of lead per mL of gas.  This air passes through an office, the volume of which is 3.25 X 104 L.  Seven people normally work in this office.  How many μg of lead will each person in the office recieve from this sample of air?