The smallest bit of an element is an                                A _________________
Effervescence means                                                       B _________________
Dyes in ink are separated by                                           C _________________
One allotrope of carbon is                                                D _________________
A substance which cannot be split up into others is an   E _________________
The liquid which runs through a filter paper is the          F _________________
A yellow, noble metal is                                                    G _________________
The chemical name is water is                                          H ________________
The element which gives violet vapour on heating is       I _________________
If you think this alphabet is easy you must be                 J _________________
The symbol for the element potassium is                         K ________________
To find out if a liquid is an acid use                                   L ________________
6.02 X 1023 number of atoms or molecules                      M _______________
78% of the air we breathe is                                             N ________________
21% of the air we breathe is                                             O ________________
Green leaves of plants make starch by                            P ________________
There are two limes. Calcium oxide is                              Q ________________
Taking oxygen from a substance is called                        R ________________
A yellow non-metal is                                                         S ________________
The simplest piece of apparatus is a                                 T ________________
To find out how strong an acid is use                                U ________________
In strong alkali Universal Indicator is                              V ________________
Hydrogen oxide is                                                              W _______________
One of the noble gases is called                                        X ________________
The colour of gold and sulphur is                                      Y ________________
A more active metal than copper is                                  Z ________________

Randal L. Henly, Ireland   Reference: CHEM13 News, February 1995