Big Numbers

The largest number-word used by the early Romans was "mille", meaning thousand.

A distance of one thousand paces was "milia";  which we used to call a mile.

The suffix "ione" implies an unusually large size.  So when a number bigger than one thousand (mille) was needed, the word chosen was:

"mille ione" ----> "million" = 1,000,000 or 106

The Latin prefix "bi" means twice, so the word with twice as many zeros as milli leads use to "billion", or 109

For bigger numbers, the Latin prefixes are used: tri, quad, quint, sext, sept, etc. - hence

1012 , trillion;  1015, quadrillion; 1018, quintillion; 1021, sextillion; 1024, septillion
What is the name of the number, 6.02 X 1023?

Glen Loveridge, Winnipeg, MAN
Reference: Chem13 News, December 1994