SCH3U     Combined Gas Law Worksheet           Answers
Helium in a 100 mL container at a pressure of 66.6 kPa is transferred to a container with a volume of 250 mL. What is the new pressure if no change in temperature occurs?  What is the new pressure if the temperature changes from 20oC to 15oC?

2. What will have to happen to the temperature of a sample of methane if 1000 mL at 98.6 kPa and 25oC is given a pressure of 108.5 kPa and a volume of 900 mL?

3. A gas has a volume of 225 mL at 75oC and 175 kPa. What will be its volume at a temperature of 20oC and a pressure of 1.0 X 105 kPa?

4. A gas is heated to 80oC and a pressure of 180 kPa. If the container expands to hold a volume of 800 mL, what was the volume of the gas, (in litres), at a temperature of 50oC and 120 kPa pressure?

5. A 200 mL sample of gas is collected at 50 kPa and a temperature of 271oC.  What volume would this gas occupy at 100 kPa and a temperautre of -14oC?

6. Correct the following volumes at STP and at SATP:
(a)  24.6 L at 25oC and 104 kPa                (b)  150000 mm3 at 100oC and 75.00 kPa
(c)   0.045 L at -45.0oC and 140.0 kPa     (d)   0.5 L at 115oC and 148000 Pa

7. A certain sample of gas has a volume of 0.452 L measured at 87oC and 0.620 atm.  What is its volume at 1 atm and 0oC?

8.  Natural gas is usually stored in large underground reservoirs or in above ground  tanks. Suppose that a supply of natural gas is stored in an underground reservoir of volume 8.0 X 105 m3 at a pressure of 360 kPa and a temperature of 16oC. How many above ground tanks of volume 2.7 X 104 m3 at a temperature of 6oC could be filled with the gas at a pressure of 120 kPa?

9. The human lung has an average temperature of 37oC.  If one inhales Alaskan air at 1 atm and -28.9oC and then holds it, to what pressure will the air in the lungs rise? (The bursting strength of the human lung is over 2 atm.  Will they burst?)

10.  A cylindrical coffee can is welded shut at 20oC at sea level.  Its height is 20 cm and its radius is 15 cm. If the bursting strength of it's "tin" plate is 3.75 atm, to what temperature may it be ehated before bursting?