Electromagnetism Worksheet #3
        The Energy in a Light Wave
Sodium vapour lamps are used to sometimes light streets. If the frequency of the light coming from them is 5.09 X 1014 Hz what is the energy in each photon?
2. What is the energy of each photon of red light that has a frequency of 4.0 X 1014 Hz?
3. Calculate the energy in joules/photon for green light having a wavelength of 550 nm.
4.  Microwaves are used to heat food in microwave ovens. The microwave radiation is absorbed by moisture in the food. This heats the water, and as water becomes hot, so does the food.   How many photons having a wavelength of 3.00 mm would have to be absorbed by 1.00 g of water to raise its temperature by 1oC?  It takes 4.184 J of energy to heat this much water.
5. The wavelengths of X-rays are much shorter than those of ultraviolet or visible light. Show quantitatively why continued exposure to X-rays is more damaging than exposure to sunlight.