Ideal Gas Law Worksheet
Using the information from STP or SATP conditions determine the value of the ideal gas constant.
2. A sample of 1.00 moles of oxygen at 50oC and 98.6 kPa occupies what volume?
3. A sample of 4.25 moles of hydrogen at 20.0oC occupies a volume of 25.0 L. Under what pressure is this sample?
4. If a steel cylinder with a volume of 1.50 L contains 10.0 moles of oxygen, under what pressure is the oxygen if the temperature is 27.0oC?
5. When the pressure in a certain gas cylinder with a volume of 4.50 L reaches 500 atm, the cylinder is likely to explode.  If this cylinder contains 40.0 moles of argon at 25.0oC, is it on the verge of exploding?  Calculate the pressure in atmospheres.
6. At 22.0oC and a pressure of 100.6 kPa, a gas was found to have a density of 1.14 g/L. Calculate its molecular mass.
7. A gas was found to have a density of 1.76 mg/mL at 24.0oC and a pressure of 98.8 kPa. What is its molecular mass?
8. How many millilitres of nitrogen, N2, would have to be collected at 99.19 kPa and 28oC to have a sample containing 0.015 moles of N2?
9. The density of a certain gas at 27.0oC and 98.66 kPa is 2.53 g/L. Calculate its molecular mass.
10. What volume is occupied by 0.25 grams of O2 measured at 25.0oC and 100.66 kPa?
11. What is the molecular mass of a gas if 2.82 grams of the gas occupies 3.16 litres at STP?
12. A balloon is to be filled with 30.0 kg of helium gas. What volume can be filled to a pressure of 1.15 atm if the temperature is 20.0oC?
13. In a gas thermometer, the pressure needed to fix the volume of 0.20 g of helium at 0.50 L is 113.30 kPa. What is the temperature?
14. A gaseous compound has the empirical formula CHCl.  At 100oC, its density at 99.97 kPa is 3.12 x 10-3 g cm-3. What is the molecular formula of this compound?
15. The pressure exerted on a diver by the water increases by about 100 kPa for every 10 m of depth. A scuba diver uses air at the rate of 8 L/min at a depth of 10 m where the pressure is 200 kPa (100 kPa due to the atmosphere and 100 kPa due to the water pressure) and the temperature 8oC. If the diver's 10 L air tank is filled to a ressure of 2.1 X 104 kPa at a dockside temperature of 32oC, how long can the diver remain safely submerged?
16. You want to send chlorine gas, Cl2, safely from Vancouver to Kingston.  Chlorine gas is very poisonous and corrosive. You have a 5000 L truck cylinder that will withstand a pressure of 100 atm. The cylinder will be kept at 2oC throughout the trip. How many moles of chlorine gas can you safely ship?