Calculations With  Information -  Question #1     Answers

Given the following information:

Lithium (from the Greek word lithos meaning stony) was discovered by Johann Arfwedson (Sweden in 1817 and named by J.J. Berzelius). Lithium, a white metal with a silvery lustre, is the lightest solid element known, having a specific gravity of 0.531.  It is a member of the alkali metal family (Group IA) and the least active chemically.  The metal melts at 180.5oC and boils at 1336oC.   The electron configuration is 1s2, 2s1 with an atomic radius of 133 pm and a univalent cation radius of 60 pm.

Find the following:

a)   Mass of one mole of Li metal                                                    ____ g

b)   Number of atoms in one mole of Li metal                                  ____

c)   Mass of a single atom of Li                                                        ____ g

d)   Melting point of Li                                                                     ____ K

e)   Density of Li metal                                                                   ____ g/cm3

f)   Volume occupied by 16.75 g of Li                                             ____ cm3

g)   Number of moles of Li metal in 16.75 g                                    ____

h)   Number of atoms of Li in 525 g                                                 ____

i)   Atomic radius                                                                              ____ nm