Thousand Islands Secondary School
Format for Lab Reports
All laboratory reports for science courses are to be written in accordance with the following format.

General Information: The report is the be written or typed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. It will have a cover sheet which is blank paper. On this cover sheet will be a Lab Report #. Under this will come the Lab Report Title. In the bottom right of the paper will be your name, your partners name, the class and section code, the due date and the date of submission.

Inside General Information: At the top of the page, write the lab title. Pencil is to be used only for diagrams and graphs. Pen is to be used for all other parts of the lab report. Lab reports are written in the third person and in past tense.

Purpose or Problem: The purpose or problem of the experiment is to be stated in a complete sentence.

Hypothesis: (if applicable)

Apparatus: Equipment and materials used are to be listed.

Diagram (when required): A diagram should illustrate the equipment and the setup used. It should be a full page in size and done on blank paper. The diagram should be offset towards the left of the page, with the labels on the right side of the page. A ruler is to be used to draw the labelling lines and any other straight lines.

Procedure or Method: The procedure or method provides a summary of what was done. It must be written in your own words. A good opening sentence is: The apparatus was set up as in the diagram.

Observations: Observations are to be written in complete sentences or put in a data table. All measurements made are to be recorded, no matter how trivial they may appear. In describing changes, descriptions are to include what was seen before, during and after the change.

Graphs (where required): Graphs are to be drawn on graph paper. Each graph requires a title at the top of the page, and a label on each axis. An appropriate scale on the axis is also required. A data table is to be included, if applicable.

Calculations (where required): If the lab involves calculations, then the calculations must be shown in the lab report. Calculations must be written in an organised fashion( required, given information, formula or equation, solution, written conclusion). In cases of repetitive calculations, one detailed calculation must be shown. Where appropriate, calculations must be done to the correct number of significant figures (using scientific notation where appropriate).

Conclusions: This final statement summarizes what was learned with reference to the purpose or problem of the lab. If applicable, tell whether the conclusion supports the hypothesis.

Sources of Error: To be included if applicable.

Handing in Lab Reports: The pages are to stapled together in the top left hand corner. The report is to be handed in at the beginning of the period on the due date.

Late Lab Reports: If lab reports are not handed in on their due date, at the beginning of the class period, marks will be deducted unless you have an acceptable reason.

Writing Skills: Up to 20% may be deducted for spelling and or grammatical errors.

Absence: If absent when a lab is done, it is the student's responsibility to consult with the teacher.