Science Department Classroom Rules
1.  No student is to handle any equipment, materials or literature in the classroom without the specific permission of the teacher.
2.  Do not play with the gas or water taps.
3.  No food stuffs ie. gum or candy are to be consumed in the classroom or laboratory.
4.  Everyone will remain seated at the end of the class until they are given permission to leave.
5.  Stools and chairs will be placed under the work bench at the end of each class or on top of the benches at the end of period 4.
6.  Shoes will be worn at all times!
7.  No gym bags are to be brought into the classroom.

Laboratory Rules
1. Read through each activity before you proceed. If you have trouble understanding any of the instructions, consult your teacher.
2. Work neatly, quietly, and carefully. Clear your laboratory bench of all materials except those you are using in the experiment. Accidents and poor results can be caused by rushing or carelessness.
3. Do not begin an experiment until you are instructed to do so.
4. Work only at your lab bench.
5. Safety glasses must be worn at ALL times. If any chemical comes in contact with the eye, wash the eye with flowing water.
6. If you spill a chemical on your skin, wash the chemical off immediately with plenty of cold water.
7. No open-toes shoes are to be worn. 8. Always follow the safety precautions that are described for each experiment.
8. Tie back loose hair and clothing, and remove any loose jewellery during an experiment.
9. At no time is anything to be thrown in the classroom or laboratory.
10. Report all injuries, burns to the skin or clothing to the teacher immediately, regardless of how trivial they seem.
11. Each student is responsible for the cleaning of all equipment assigned to them.
12. All broken or damaged equipment is to be reported to the teacher. If you are in doubt to the condition of your equipment, notify the teacher immediately. Missing equipment should also be reported to the teacher.
13. Breakage of equipment due to negligence will be charged to the student at replacement cost.
14. Never place equipment or materials in your mouth. Do not taste chemicals unless given permission by the teacher.
15. Do not use equipment, eg. Bunsen burner, until it is called for in the experiment.
16. Never replace chemicals or reagents into the bottle from which you get them. Never exchange bottle stoppers or lids. Do not leave chemicals unattended on the desk.
17. Place stools under lab benches during experiments.
18.  No student will leave at the end of the class until:
      a)  the laboratory is completely cleaned up.
      b)  all equipment is returned.
      c)  everyone is sitting down.
      d)  permission is given by the teacher.