Organic Nomenclature     Part II
Naming Simple and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

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The compound is C7H14.  Its name is ________ 

102.                                                                                                           heptene
The compound is C8H18. Its name is __________ 
103.                                                                                                            octane

The name of C2H6 is _____ 
104.                                                                                                            ethane

The name of C9H20 is _______ 
105.                                                                                                            nonane

The name of C2H4 is _______ 
106.                                                                                                            ethene

The name of C10H22 ends in ______
The name of the compound is ________ 
107.                                                                                                             ane

Now draw two carbon atoms connected by three shared bonds.
This we will call a triple bond. _______ 


How many free bonds are left on each carbon atom? _______ 

109.                                                                                                              one
Add hydrogen to this diagram:

The molecular formula of the compound is _________ 
110.                                                                                                               C2H2

Draw the structure of the compound _______ 

The name of this compound is ethyne.  It rhymes with "fine."
A hydrocarbon whose name ends in yne has a (what kind?)  _______
bond between two (what element?) _______ atoms. 
112.                                                                                                              triple

If a hydrocarbon has no more than a single bond
between two carbon atoms, its name ends in _______ 
113.                                                                                                             ane

If a hydrocarbon has no more than a double bond between
two carbon atoms, it belongs to the _________ series. 
114.                                                                                                              ethene

If a hydrocarbon contains a triple bond, its name ends in ________ 
115.                                                                                                             yne

Look at this structure

How many hydrogen atoms will it take to satisfy all of the bonds that are free? ________ 
116.                                                                                                             four

How many hydrogen atoms can be attached to
the middle carbon in that structure? 
117.                                                                                                            none

A hydrocarbon based on the structure:

has this molecular formula ________ 
118.                                                                                                          C3H4

Draw the diagram for the compound. ________ 

The three-carbon compound in the methane series is called _______
The three-carbon compound in the ethene series is called ________
The three-carbon compound in the ethyne series is called ________ 
120.                                                                                                          propane

A series of hydrocarbons containing triple bonds can be
built up as was done with the methane and ethene series.
The new series is named for the first compound.  Since
the first compound has two carbon atoms joined by a
single bond, the name of the series is ________ 
121.                                                                                                          ethyne

In the methane series a four-carbon compound is called _______
In the ethene series it is called ________
In the ethyne series it is called ________ 
122.                                                                                                          butane

The five-carbon comound in the ethyne series is called ________ 
123.                                                                                                           pentyne

The general formula for the ethyne is
So the molecular formula for butyne is __________ 
124.                                                                                                            C4H6

The molecular formula for octyne is _________ 
125.                                                                                                       C8H14

The molecular formula for hexyne is _________ 
126.                                                                                                        C6H10

The molecular formula for heptene is _________ 
127.                                                                                                        C7H14

The molecular formula for heptyne is __________ 
128.                                                                                                         C7H12

The molecular formula for heptane is __________ 
129.                                                                                                         C7H16

The molecular formula for octane is ___________ 
130.                                                                                                         C8H18

The name of the compound is decene.
Its molecular formula is __________ 
131.                                                                                                         C10H20

The name of the compound is nonane.
Its molecular formula is _________ 
132.                                                                                                         C9H20

The name of the compound is ethyne.
 Its molecular formula is _______ 
133.                                                                                                         C2H2

The formula for propene is _______ 
134.                                                                                                          C3H6

The formula for methane is _________ 
135.                                                                                                          CH4

The formula for ethene is ___________ 
136.                                                                                                         C2H4

The molecular formula of ethane is _________ 
137.                                                                                                         methane

C2H2 belongs to the ____ series of hydrocarbons. 
138.                                                                                                        ethyne

C6H12 belongs to the _______ series 
139.                                                                                                        ethene

C5H10 belongs to the ______ series 
140.                                                                                                        ethene

C7H12 belongs to the ______ series 
141.                                                                                                        ethyne

C8H18 belongs to the ______ series 
142.                                                                                                        methane

C4H8 belongs to the ______ series 
143.                                                                                                        ethene

C5H8 belongs to the ______ series 
144.                                                                                                        ethyne

C3H8 belongs to the ______ series 
145.                                                                                                       methane

CH4 belongs to the ______ series 
146.                                                                                                      methane

The name of C2H4 is _______ 
147.                                                                                                       ethene

The name of C3H4 is _______ 
148.                                                                                                       propyne

The name of CH4 is _______ 
149.                                                                                                       methane

The name of C5H10 is _______ 
150.                                                                                                       pentene

The name of C7H16 is _______ 
151.                                                                                                      heptane

The name of C6H12 is _______ 
152.                                                                                                      hexene

The name of C8H16 is _______ 
153.                                                                                                     octene

The name of C9H16 is _______ 
154.                                                                                                     nonyne

The name of C4H10 is _______ 
155.                                                                                                     butane

The name of C2H2 is _______ 
156.                                                                                                    ethyne

Draw the structure of propane _________ 

Draw the structure of propyne. ________ 

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