Nomenclature of the Radicles    Part III

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Look at this diagram:

The molecular formula for the compound is ________
The name of the compound is _______ 

159.                                                                                                  CH4
Now look at this diagram:

This is a carbon atom with only three hydrogen atoms attached to
it, and one bond left free.  If there were another hydrogen atom,
the compound would be _______ 
160.                                                                                                 methane

Look at this diagram:

This kind of structure is called a radical (or sometimes a group).
Radicals are named for the compounds they come from.
The ending of the compound's name is dropped off and
the syllable 'yl' (pronounced ill) takes its place.
This radical comes from methane.  What is the name of the radical? _______ 
161.                                                                                                methyl

The formula for the methyl radical is CH3-
What does the dash mark represent? ________ 
162.                                                                                                the unattached bond

The compound C2H6 can be represented thus:

The name of the compound is _________ 
163.                                                                                                ethane

The radical that is based on ethane has this structure:

The name of the radical is _________ 

164.                                                                                               ethyl
The three-carbon radical from propane would be called ________ 
165.                                                                                               propyl

The molecular formula for ethane is C2H6.
The molecular formula for the ethyl radicle is _______ 
166.                                                                                               C2H5-

The molecular formula for propane is C3H8.
The molecular formula for the propyl radical is ________ 
167.                                                                                               C3H7-

The name of CH3- is ___________ 
168.                                                                                               the methyl radical

The name of C2H5- is _________ 
169.                                                                                               the ethyl radical

The name of C3H7- is __________ 
170.                                                                                              the propyl radical

The inorganic compound NH4Cl is composed of a
radical whose formula of NH4+ and whose name is
the ammonium radical, bonded to a chloride ion
The organic compound CH3Cl is composed of a CH3-
or methyl radical bonded to a chloride ion.
The name of NH4Cl is ammonium chloride.
The name of CH3Cl is __________ 
171.                                                                                             methyl chloride

The name of the compound CH3I is _________ 
172.                                                                                             methyl iodide

The name of the compound CH3Br is ________
173.                                                                                              methyl bromide

 The name of C2H5Cl is ___________ 
174.                                                                                              ethyl chloride

The name of C2H5I is ____________ 
175.                                                                                              ethyl iodide

The name of C3H7Br is ___________ 

                                                                                                     propyl bromide
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