Organic Nomenclature  Part VI

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There are three attached methyl radicals,
so the word ______ will be part of the complete name. 

202.                                                                                                   trimethyl
There are two methyl radicals on one carbon atom,
and one on another.
The name of the compound is ___________ 
203.                                                                       2,2,3-trimethyl hexane

If there are two identical radicals attached to a chain,
the name of the radical has the prefix _________ 
204.                                                                                                 di

If there are four identical radicals the prefix is "tetra."
If there are five identical radicals the prefix is "penta."
If there are three identical radicals the prefix is ________ 
205.                                                                                                  tri

If there were four methyl radicals attached to a carbon chain,
one of the words in the full name of the compound
would be __________ 
206.                                                                                                 tetramethyl

In the case of a carbon chain with five methyl radicals attached,
the name of the compound would contain the word ______ 
207.                                                                                              pentamethyl

Here is another diagram:

The longest chain has (how many?)  _______ carbons? 

The compound is therefore a kind of _________ 
208.                                                                                             octane

Since there are (how many?) ________ methyl radicals
attached to the chain, one word in the complete name will be _______ 
209.                                                                                             4

Numbering carbon atoms from the left,
and noting points of attachment,
the full name of the compound is ________ 
210.                                                                 2,3,4,6-tetramethyl octane

Name this compound ___________

211.                                                                  2-methyl hexane
Name this compound ___________

212.                                                                  3,4-dimethyl heptane
Copy this diagram and, just to make sure,
write in the hydrogen symbols where they belong ______

What is the name of the formula you have just wrote? 
214.                                                                2,3,3,4-tetramethyl pentane

What is the name of this compound? _______

215.                                                         3,4,5,6,7-pentamethyl decane
Examine this diagram:

The longest chain contains (how many?) ______ carbon atoms? 

That kind of chain tells us that the compound
is some kind of _________ 
216.                                                                                                     pentane

The attached radical is called the _______ radical. 
217.                                                                                                    ethyl

The molecular formula of the ethyl radical is ________ 
218.                                                                                                    C2H5-

The full name of the compound will contain the two words _________ 
219.                                                                                     ethyl pentane
Number the chain, and we find that
the full name of the compound is ___________ 
220.                                                                                     3-ethyl pentane

The longest chain in the compound has (how many?) ________carbon atoms 

The compound is a sort of _________ 
221.                                                                                    octane

Two methyl radicals attached to the same carbon
would not be called "methyl" but would be called _______ 
222.                                                                                    dimethyl

In the same way two ethyl radicals on the same chain
would be called ________ 
223.                                                                                     diethyl

In the above diagram, how many radicals
are attached to the chain __________ 

What kind of radicals are they? 
224.                                                                                     ethyl

The compound shown in the diagram above
has a carbon chain of eight atoms and is
therefore some sort of ________ 

There are two ethyl radicals attached to the chain.
Therefore one of the words in the full name will be ________ 

The ethyl radicals are attached to the carbon atoms numbered _______ 

The name of the compound is __________ 
225.                                                                          3,4-diethyl octane

Study this diagram:

What is its name?________ 
226.                                                                  4,4-diethyl nonane

Study this diagram:

The longest chain contains (how many?) carbon atoms______ 

The compound is a kind of _________ 
227.                                                                                                 heptane

The carbon chain has two attached radicals.
One radical is a _______ radical,
the other is a _______ radical. 
228.                                                                                                 methyl

The methyl radical is attached to the number ______ carbon. 
229.                                                                                                 2

The ethyl radical is attached to the number ______ carbon. 
230.                                                                                                  4

The name of the compound is 2-methyl-4-ethyl _______ 
231.                                                                                                  heptane

Study this diagram:

This is a heptane compound because: 
232.                                                                      There is a single-bonded

                                                                              carbon chain of  7 atoms
Attached to the carbon chain are two ______ radicals
and one ____ radical. 
233.                                                                                      methyl

The methyl radicals are on carbons number ____ and ____ 
234.                                                                                      3,4

The ethyl radical is on carbon number ______ 
235.                                                                                      4

The name of this compound is ______ 
236.                                                              3,4-dimethyl-4-ethyl heptane

Name this compound:

237.                                                           3,4,4,6-tetramethyl-5-ethyl decane
Name this compound:

238.                                                          3,4-dimethyl-3,4-diethyl hexane
Name this compound:

                                                              2,3,5,6-tetramethyl-4,5-diethyl octane

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