Pick an element out of the "element box". Write an "autobiography" of your element or attempt to win the "Miss" or "Mister" Element contest.

1. Pretend you are the element and tell interesting things about yourself.

2. Be as creative as you wish but be sure to include:
    a)  physical and chemical properties. (10 points)
    b)  relative abundance. (10 points)
    c)  number of isotopes and uses of each. (5 points)
    d)  economic value. (10 points)
    e)  chief source and place or places where the element is found. (10 points)
     f)  information that pertains to its place on the Periodic Table. (15 points)
    g)  scientist who discovered it. (5 points)
    h)  origin of name. (5 points)

3. The autobiography should be two to three typed pages long.

4.  The paper will be due on _______________________________.

5.  Suggested references: Your own text; the scientifc encyclopedias in the Library; The Merck Index; or The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics in the library.

6.  Evaluation:
     a)  See the points above.
     b) The autobiography will also be graded as to:
          neatness (20); order (20); completeness (20); accuracy (20);
          and promptness (20).

From an idea of Jeanne O'Leary, Corpus Christi, TX.
Reference: CHEM13 News, January 1994