Equilibrium: Acids and Bases
Arrhenius / Bronsted-Lowrey Definitions of Acids and Bases
Concentrated vs Dilute; Strong vs Weak
Weak Acids
The pH Scale
The pOH Scale
Equilibrium in Bronsted Acid-Base Systems
Ion Concentration and pH in Detail
Weak Bases
Solution Containing Ions Which Do Not Hydrolyze Appreciably
Buffer Solutions
The pH of a Buffered Solution
Calculating the pH of a Buffered Solution
The Effectiveness of a Buffer
Buffer Capacity
Preparation of a Buffer
A Basic Buffer
Volumetric Analysis
Standard Solutions
Percentage Purity of a Sample
Titration Curves
Titration of a Weak Acid by a Strong Base
Titration of a Weak Base by a Strong Acid
Polyprotic Acids
Calculating [H] and [A2-] for a Weak Diprotic Acid
Unit Review