Molecular Architecture
Ionic Bonds
Ions of Transition Metals
Electron Booking with Lewis Symbols
Electron Sharing: The Covalent Bond
Covalent Bonding and the Octet Rule
When the Octet Rule Fails
How to Write Lewis Structures
Resonance: When Lewis Structures Fail
Coordinate Covalent Bonding
Valence Electron Shell Pair Repulsion Theory
Determining the Shape of a Molecule
Shapes of Molecules and Ions with Double and Triple Bonds
Polar Bonds and Electronegativity
Molecular Shapes and the Polarity of Molecules
Hybrid Orbitals
Other Hybrid Orbitals
Using VSPER Theory to Predict Hybridization
Liquids, Solids and Changes of State
Crystalline Solids
Physical Properties and Crystal Types
Noncrystalline Solids
Unit Review
Unit_Review Extra Questions