This program offers seven puzzles for your amusement, education and edification.
You cannot attempt puzzle seven until you have solved puzzles one through six.

If you leave the program before you finish, record your four letter password here.


What three shadows do you have to match? Draw them!

What formulas actually worked for you?

_____________ ___________ ___________

What are the VSEPR structures for the above 3 shapes?

___________ ____________ ___________

Puzzle #2 Salt Bridge

List them as they come or you'll forget them! Get some help because you're being timed!!

Salts             Acids      +         Bases ---------> SALTS FORMED

Puzzle #3: Plumber's Nightmare

Show the valve combination that worked for you!

Valve A :

Valve B :

Valve C :

Puzzle #4 Elemental Slide-A-Square

What molecule was required for you to complete?_____________

What is the structural formula of the molecule you created?  _________________

Puzzle #5: Melting Tiles

On the 3 X 3 tiles below fill in the types of compounds which make up your floor. Then show the path you took to successfully get all 4 power cells.

Puzzle #6: Holy Manometers and Laser Beams!

What combination of A, B, and/or C were required in each value situation? Circle the successful combinations.

        A B C      A B C     A B C

What can't you keep down?: __________________________________

You must have completely solved puzzles 1 through 6 or  puzzle seven is unsolvable!

Puzzle #7: Sorry, No Hint's Here!

What is the purpose of this puzzle? _____________________________




What happens to Dr. Iguana and The Lost City of Science?