Thermochemistry Worksheet on Specific Heats and Heat Units
1.  If a gold ring with a mass of 5.5 grams changes temperature from 25.0oC to 28.0oC, how much energy (in joules) has it absorbed? 
2. The temperature of a sample of 250 g of water is changed from 25.0oC to 30.0oC. How much energy was transferred into the water to cause this change? Calculate your answer in joules and in calories. 
3. How many kilojoules can 250 g of water absorb for each degree Celsius change in the temperature range near room temperature? In other words, what is the heat capacity of 250 g of water? 
4. Suppose the 250 g sample of water above underwent a change in temperature from 25.0oC to 26.4oC. How much heat caused this change? 
5. The temperature of 335 g of water changed from 24.5oC to 26.4oC. How much heat did this sample absorb? Calculate the answer in kilojoules and kilocalories.