AP Chemistry -- Molecular Architecture Resonance Worksheet
1. Draw resonance structures for SO2
2. Draw resonance structures for the nitrate ion, NO3-.
3. Draw the resonance structures for CO32-.
4. Arrange the following in order of increasing C-O bond length: CO, CO32-, CO2.
5. How many resonance structures could be written for the N2O4 molecules? Its skeletal structure is:
O        O
N  N
O        O
6. The Lewis structure of CO2 was given as:  ::O = C = O :: ; but two other resonance structures can also be drawn for it.  hat are they?
7. What is a resonance hybrid?  How does it differ from the resonance structures drawn for a molecule?
8. Write Lewis structures for the nitrate ion, NO3-, and for nitric acid HNO3.  How many equivalent oxygens are there in each structure?  Compare the number of resonance structures for each.
9. Oxalate ion, C2O42- has the following arrangement of atoms.
 O          O 
C  C
O          O

Draw all of its resonance structures.

10.  Draw all the resonance structures as well as the final resonance hybrid for any of the structures below which demonstrate resonance.
    a) I3-
    b) SF6
    c) SO2
    d) ClO4-