AP Chemistry - Percentage Yield  Problems
1.  An organic chemist reacted 10 g CH4 with excess Cl2 and obtained 10 g of CH3Cl. 

a) What should have been the theoretical yield. 

b) What was their percentage yield?

2. An inorganic chemist reacted 100 g of PbCl4 with excess NH4Cl, obtaining an 87% yield of ammonium chloroplumbate(IV), (NH4)2PbCl6. How many grams did they obtain?

3.    The synthesis of sulphanilamide, NH2C6H5SO2NH2, requires six steps beginning with benzene, C6H6. If the average yield per step is 80%, how many grams of sulphanilamide will you obtain from 1 kg of benzene?