AP Chemistry --  Osmosis and Dialysis Worksheet
What is meant by osmosis?

What is the difference between osmosis and dialysis?

What is the difference between an osmotic membrane and a dialyzing membrane?

In osmosis, why must the net migration of solvent be from the side of the membrane less concentrated in solute to the side more concentrated in solute?

Two glucose solutions of unequal molarity are separated by an osmotic membrane.  Which solution will lose water, the one with the higher or the lower molarity?

Two glucose solutions of unequal molarity are separated by a  dialyzing membrane.  Given the various driving forces in nature, what change or changes should be expected?

Which aqueous solution has the higher osmotic pressure, 10%(w/w) glucose, C6H12O6, or 10% (w/w) sucrose, C12H22O11?  Both are molecular compounds.

What is the osmotic pressure in kPa of a 0.010 M aqueous solution of a molecular compound at 25oC?
a)   Show that the following equation is true.

molar mass = (mass in g)RT
                             PI V

b)  An aqueous solution of a compound with a very high formula weight was prepared in a concentration of 2.0 g/L at 298 K.   Its osmotic pressure was 0.028 kPa.  Calculate the formula weight of the compound.