AP Chemistry - Bond Energies Worksheet
1. Define bond energy and atomization energy. What is bond dissociation energy?
2. Use a standard bond energy table to compute the approximate atomization energy of NH3.
3. Approximately how much energy would be released during the formation of the bonds in one mole of acetone molecules?  Acetone, the solvent usually found in nail polish remover, has the structural formula:

           H   :O:  H
            |      ||      |
       H-C---C ---C-H
            |              |
           H            H 

4. The standard heat of formation of ethanol vapour,  C2H5OH(g) is DHfo=-235.3 kJ/mol.  Use the bond energy table to estimate the C-O bond energy in this molecule.
The structure of the molecule is
                                H H
                                 |   |
                                 |   |
                                H H
5. What would be the approximate heat of formation of CCl4 vapour at 25oC and 1 atm?
6. Which substance should have the more exothermic heat of formation, CF4 or CCl4?