General Data and Information
General Chemistry
The Metric System
Origins of the Elemental Names
Conversion Factors
Common Polyatomic Ions
Useful and Necessary Formulas
Mneumonic Aids for the Polyatomic Ions
Common Physical and Chemical Constants
The Multi-Valent Cations

Electronic Configurations of the Elements
Physical Chemistry
Electronegativity Table
Density of Some Gases at STP
Percent Ionic Character
Ionization Energies
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Vapor Pressure of Water
Flame Tests
Activity Series of the Elements
Specific Heat Capacity Table
Density of Water
Atomic Masses, Sizes and Abundances
van der Waal's Constants for Real Gases
Physical Properties of the Elements

Colligative Properties

Boiling Point Elevation and Freezing Point Depression Constants

Solubility Table
Infrared Spectrophotometer Correlation Table
Solubility Products

Formation Constants for Complex Ions

Inorganic Physical and Thermochemical Data
Equilibrium Values for Acidic Compounds
Organic Physical and Thermochemical Data
Equilibrium Values for Basic Compounds
Thermodynamic Properties of the Elements
pKa and Ka for the Polyprotic Acids

Acids & Bases
Acid-Base Reagent Concentrations
Half Lives of Some Selected Isotopes
Acid-Base Indicators
Band of Stability

Precise Isotopic Masses

Molecular Architecture
Standard Reduction Potentials
Shapes of Molecules and Ions