Electrochemical Worksheet #1
Oxidation Numbers
1.   Assign oxidation numbers to each atom in NiCl2,  Mg2TiO4,  K2Cr2O7,  SO32-.
2. Assign oxidation numbers to the underlined atoms. (a) ClO4-, (b) CrCl3, (c) SnS2, (d) Au(NO3)3.
3. Assign oxidation numbers to the elements in the following: (a) Ca(VO3)2, (b) SnCl4, (c) MnO4-, (d) MnO2.
4. Molybdenum disulphide, MoS2, has a structure that allows it to behave as a dry lubricant, much like graphite. What are the oxidation numbers of the atoms in MoS2?
5. Supply the oxidation number of the underlined element in the following formulas;

a) Zn3(PO4)2, b) NaNO2, c) SnBr2, d) HSbO2,

e) Mg(MnO4)2, f) NH4NO3