SCH4C                       Lab #24 - Introduction to Qualitative Analysis
Student Reagents:
       The following is a list of the most often used chemical reagents.  A recommended system is dropper bottles of each chemiccal to be made up and a set of these given to each student or group of students.
6.0 M HCl
3.0 M NH4Cl
6.0 M NH4OH
1.5 M (NH4)2SO4
conc.  H2SO4
conc. NH4OH
glacial CH3COOH
0.3 M K2Cr2O4
1.0 NaOCl (Bleach)
0.3 M SnCl2
6.0 M NaOH

Lots of filter paper, red and blue litmus and other indicators.

Class Reagents:
      The following are not used often enough to warrent a complete class set.  three or four dropper bottles of each at strategic locations in the class should be sufficient.
Class Reagents:
1.0 M NaHSO4
30% H2O2
0.2 M dimethylgloxime
1.0 M alpha-nitroso-beta-napthol
0.1% aqueous solution of the aluminon reagent
0.5 M lead(II) acetate
0.07 M potassium ferricyanide
0.3 M potassium thiocyanate
0.1 M sodium bismuthate
0.5 M potassium oxalate
0.3 M potassium dihydrogen phosphate
0.1 M magnesium uranyl acetate
0.1 M sodium cobaltinitrite
0.1 M ammonium molybdate
saturated limewater solution
0.1 M silver nitrate
0.04 M silver sulphate
0.1 M ferrous sulphate
0.1 M barium nitrate