SCH4C                                                Qualitative Analysis
Group 1 Analysis Separation Table
The Silver Group
To the Group 1 precipitate obtained from the Group Separation Table, pour 5 mL of boiling distilled water over the precipitate of the filter paper.
Precipitate: AgCl or Hg2Cl2

Pour 5 mL of concentrated NH4OH over the filter paper. (see reaction #6)
A black precipitate confirms the presence of Hg22+ (see reaction #8)
May contain the Ag(NH3)2Cl complex.  Acidify with dilute HNO3.  Test with litmus to confirm acidic pH. 
A white precipitate of AgCl confirmed the presence of the Ag+1 ion.  (see reaction #7)

Filtrate: Pb2+

Acidify with 2 mL of acetic acid.  Add 5 mL of K2CrO4.  A yellow precipitate confirms the presence of Pb2+. (see reaction #5)

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