Celcius-Kelvin Temperature Conversions
Liquid nitrogen (sometimes abbreviated LOX) is used in liquid-fuel rockets. Its boiling  point is -183oC. What is this temperature in kelvins?
A substance is heated from 300 K to 315 K. What is the change in temperature expressed in oC?
Perform the following conversions.
       a)  24oC to K                                         b)  50 K  to oC
       c)  30oC to K                                         d)  215.15 K  to oC
       e)  -37.89oC to K                                   f)   333.67 K to oC
A clinical thermometer registers a patient's temperature to be 37.13oC. What is this in kelvins?
The coldest permanenty inhabited place on earth is the Siberian village of Oymyakon in Russia. In 1964 the temperature reached a shivering -71.11oC. What is this temperature in kelvins?
Helium has the lowest boiling point of any liquid. It boils at 4 K. What is this in oC?
When an object is heated to high temperature, it glows and gives off light.  The colour of this light depends upon the temperature of the glowing object. Photographic lighting is described as a temperature in kelvins.  For example, a certain electronic flash gives a colour temperature (or colour balance) rated at 5800 K. What is this temperature expressed in oC?