Element Riddles #1 - Answer
The idea is to use the element name as a pun to complete the sentences. Answers are made by placing the correct elemental symbol in the blanks.
1.    What language is spoken by the people of Mangan? manganese
2.    "We brought everything but the kitchen zinc!"
3.    To be a good neighbour, you must learn to mind your own bismuth.
4.    To park here you must put a nickel in the meter.
5.    Dial 911 to call a copper when you witness a crime.
6.    If you find your cat has been run over all you can do is barium.
7.    Are the baby birds still in the nest? No, they argon.
8.    Doctors amputated the bottom half of his leg, but they left his neon.
9.    His old Ford was worn out so he bought a new neon.
10.  A prisoner who acts in a silly manner is called a silicon.
11.  "We out of foss," he said. "Please go to the store and get some phosphorus."
12.  I borrowed a dollar from Sam and fifty cents from Dean. So I owe Sam more than iodine."
13.  Five times two is tin.
14.  The Boy Scout took the lady by the arm and lead her across the street.
15.  He demanded payment in gold because he said he was antimony.
16.  At the end of his first day, as a car saleman, Mr. Umm was asked: "Did you scandium?"
17.  The gold in pharoah's crypt weighed exactly 2000 lbs; and so it became known as the krypton."
18.  As the masked man rode away, he was heard to say: "Hi Ho Silver away."
19.  Housewife's complaint: "On Mondays, all I do is wash and iron."
20.  "His name is Sullivan, but he call him "Sul". He's the reason our rugs and furniture are covered with sulphur.
21.  Cadbury's Chocolate Co. bought out Mee-Yum Fortune Cookies and now they make cadmium chocolate fortune cookies.
22.  News reporter Nick asked the chief what caused the warehouse fire. The chief replied: "It was arsenic."
23.  The well-driller had bored a hole to a depth of 10 m. He found no water, so he was told to boron.
24.  "Calvin, did you see the man who stole my horse?" "Yes, calcium," replied the Indian.
25.  The makers of "Raid" have developed a slogan to advertise their new insect repellent. It reads: "Don't go out without your radon."
26.  How did I find out what teenagers think: I lithium of course!
27.  Samantha was in love with Darren when they ran away from home.  Her mother was very concerned. "Did samarium?" she asked anxiously.
28.  A boy named Coe lost his dog Bo and as a result cobalt his eyes out.
29.  After months of intensive investigation, the undercover narcotics agent approached the suspect. "Here's your $25,000. " said the officer. "And here's europium." replied the drug dealer.
30.  "The bandits rode through here" said the sheriff. "Do you see those tracks?" "No, I don't cesium." said the deputy.