Mnemonic Aids for the Polyatomic Ions

         The sentence below can be used to remember some of the polyatomic ions
                            Nick the Camel ate a Clam Supper in Pheonix with an Ale
         Nick - N with 3 consonants and 1 vowel therefore NO3-1
         Camel - C with 3 consonants and 2 vowels, therefore CO3-2
         Clam - Cl with 3 consonants and 2 vowels, therefore ClO3-1
         Supper - S with 4 consonants and 2 vowels, therefore SO4-2
         Pheonix - P with 4 consonants and 3 vowels, therefore PO4-3
         Ale - Al with 2 consonants and 1 vowel, therefore AlO2-1

         The following are other ions that should be memorized as well.  
         BrO3-1     brag, brat         
         IO3-1        imps           
         MnO4-1    manly, mangy
        CrO4-2      crooks, crouch, creeps, cringe, crisis, critic
         MoO4-2    mounts, mottos, moulds, mourns, models, molest, molten   
         SeO4-2     sexism, search, sermon
         SiO3-2      sidle, silky, silo       
     waylay, within, winnow
         TeO4-2     teller, temper, tenant, tender  
         BO3-3       beauty, become, behave
         AsO4-3      ascribe, assault

         Using one(1) word from each ion above, make up a sentence to help you remember.
         It does not have to make sense.

         Some of the students in my 2004 Chem3U  class came up with novel sentences. 
         Use which everones you find useful.

         #1   Mangy  Monks Search for a Silky Teller 
         (permanganate, molybdate, selenate, silicate, tellerate)

         #2   Sexist Mangy Minks Assault the Silky Tenant
         (selenate, permanganate, molybdate, arsenate, silicate, tellerate) 
        #3  Mangy Crooks become Monks because Imps Assault them
         (permanganate, chromate, molybdate, iodate, arsenate)

         #4  Winnow the Teller had become a Brat when her Search for Monks failed
         (tungstate, tellerate, bromate, selenate,  molybdate       

         #5  The manly crooks search within moldy silos

         #6  The sermon molds within the silo after the assault

         #7  Mabel, Brad, Nick and Ashleah all crouch under the willow, where Brad is the Teller
               of stories that cause to smile about beauty and about imps who morph.
         #8  Within the Silky leaves of the enchanted forest, if you search really hard, you will
               come upon imps and monks who assault mangy creeps and become the tender brat.